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Happy New Year - Resolutions?

Happy New Year -Resolutions?

Do you make New Year's resolutions?  Do you keep them? 

Thought it would be fun to dive into the New Year, with thoughts about the New Year. 
Did you know that January 1 has not always been celebrated as the New Year.  It is actually only recently that the calender date January 1 was considered the 1st day of the New Year, until 1751 in England and Wales ( and all British dominions) the new year started on March 25 - one of the four quarter days, the change to January took place in 1600 in Scotland.  Since then, January has been the first day of the year.  During the Middle Ages several other days were variously taken as the beginning of the calendar year:  March 1, March 25, September 1, December 25.

In modern times, with the expansion of Western culture to many places around the world during recent centuries, the Gregorian calendar has been adopted by many other countries as the official calendar, and the January 1 date of New Year has become globa…

Subaru: Why it is Outpacing the US Auto Industry

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Why Subaru Is Outpacing the US Auto Industry Text Size Published: Tuesday, 4 Dec 2012 | 11:44 AM ET By: Justin Menza Twitter 36 LinkedIn

Power Steering - Maintenance Free: True or False?

Power Steering - Maintenance Free:  True or False?


In our continuing series regarding the importance of maintaining your vehicle, we are going to discuss the Power Steering system.  We have hit the big scary items, but now it is time to discuss the equally important, but often viewed as unimportant systems, starting with the Power Steering System.

If you are over 30 you probably remember the days of using 2 hands to crank the steering wheel around the corner.  Ever drive Grandpa's old pick up truck?  I remember asking  my uncle if his truck had power steering, he said "Yes, Armstrong Steering", I asked what that meant, and he replied "you need strong arms to steer it".  And thus the driving lesson began.  I still remember the first time I drove a car with power steering, I about ran us into a ditch, took a while to get used to the ease of the steering wheel. 

Cars and trucks have come along way since the first horseless carriage, and they have j…

Bruce Titus Automotive Group Presents....Santa Paws

Bruce Titus Automotive Group, Inc. Presents.....Santa Paws.

Being a member of the Bruce Titus Automotive Group is truly special.  Bruce Titus, Owner/President of the organization is truly committed to the communities where he does business.  He understands that the people we do business with are a part of these great communities, they are our neighbors, our families, our friends. 

The Bruce Titus Automotive Group is regularly involved in some kind of community event, whether it is sponsoring the local Softball team or booster club, or holding a Food Drive,and his staff is encouraged to get involved.

October - November was the Fall Food Drive, for motivation we offered  entry into a drawing for $50 Gas Card and other specials such as Free Oil Changes, and through employee participation and community support we were able to donate over 700 non-perishable food items to area food banks.  Side note.....these agencies need our help all year long, so we hope to do a spring food drive also. …