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Electrify Seattle

Great video about why Electric Vehicles are so beneficial! Video was filmed here in the Seattle area!

Understanding the Fuel MPG On Your Vehicle

Understanding the Fuel MPG On Your Vehicle: With gas prices rising every year, knowing that the days of $1 per gallon are long behind us, we all consider our Fuel MPG (Miles Per Gallon).  Whether you are curious what your current vehicle is getting, or considering buying a new or different vehicle, or even a hybrid, to get better gas mileage and reduce your expense, we will try to dispel some myths, and provide some useful facts, to help you make the right decision.  The truth may surprise you.

We are going to review, getting better MPG out of your existing vehicle, and what do the EPA MPG ratings mean on new cars - and why you may not be getting as much as your vehicle is rated for.

In our thread of Bruce Titus Automotive Group blogs, we have discussed regular maintenance of your vehicle.  You will notice that in every scenario from Transmission Service to Tire Pressure, one of the benefits of maintaining your vehicle is better fuel consumption and improved MPG performan…

Transmission Service

Transmission Service

In our continued efforts to educate consumers on the importance of maintaining your car, we are going to talk about your transmission.  Simply put, without a transmission your vehicle will not go.  Today's vehicles last longer and are less likely to break down.....true and false.  Today's vehicles are much more sophisticated than their ancestors and their regular maintenance is more important than ever.  With regular maintenance most new generation vehicles will go 200,000 miles without any major issues, but the key is regular maintenance.  Their are some simple facts with any vehicle, parts to wear with time and use and when they break, it costs sufficiently more to fix. So smaller investments along the way can prolong your major expenses to the distant future.

As with any major system, the transmission is often ignored or overlooked until it actually breaks, and then it is huge expense and inconvenience.  Transmissions run anywhere from $…