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Lease or Buy? Here's Your Answer.

You know you want to drive a Subaru—the only question is how? Leasing and buying are both great ways to drive off in a brand-new car, and each come with different benefits. Here are a few quick guidelines to use when deciding which option is best for you: If you want to pay less each month and leave your options open—lease
Leasing generally means lower monthly payments. It makes driving the Subaru of your dreams more affordable. Depending on the model or lease, you may need to follow certain guidelines such as mileage restrictions. However, in most cases, all repair and maintenance is covered under a warranty. At the end of your lease, you'll have the choice to either renew your lease, purchase the car, or lease a new vehicle. If you want to go the distance and make it yours—buy
When you buy a car, it's yours for the long haul. You can decide how many miles to put on it, how often you want to take it in for service, and which accessories you want to add. Whether you're lookin…

4×4 Trails Near Olympia for Every Experience Level

If you’ve never been out in a four-wheeler before, Ryan Weisenfeld has some advice: go with someone who has. The sales representative for Olympia Chrysler Jeep is a member of the Capitol City Crawlers, a group of 4 x 4 enthusiasts that routinely takes beginners out for a spin. “We help people get used to it,” says Weisenfeld. “You really need to go with someone who has experience when it’s your first time.”

The area surrounding Thurston County includes several great tracks for 4 x 4s, ranging from relatively easy to quite challenging. For those just starting out, he recommends Tuhuya ORV Park near Belfair. Comprised of 23,000 acres in Mason County, Tuhuya has 84 miles of trails available and makes an ideal place to learn. “That’s where we go when we take customers on runs,” says Weisenfeld. “There are bypasses for every obstacle and a lot of people go there just to observe.” All vehicles will require a Discover Pass.

Located near Buckley, Evans Creek ORV  offers 45 miles of trails for …

Autumn Weather is Here—Keep Your Wiper Blades in Working Order

Time behind the wheel of a Subaru is more enjoyable when you have a clear view of the road. Knowing how to care for your wiper blades and when to replace them will give you the results you need in a variety of conditions. Windshield wipers wear down with time. If you hear odd noises or see streaks or jerky movements from your wiper blades, debris may be affecting their performance. Start by cleaning the blades with a soft cloth and a mixture of water and mild soap. Lift the wiper blade from the windshield and clear off the rubber with the cloth. If you have a rear windshield wiper, remember to clean it, too. Be careful when returning the wiper arms to their original position so you don't damage the blades or your windshield. If cleaning doesn't help, or if you notice excessive cracks or tears in the rubber, then you'll need to replace your wipers. For the best results on your vehicle, stick with genuine Subaru wiper blades. Our service professionals can recommend the right…

The New 2018 Crosstrek Defies Criticism and Redefines Driving

The reviews are in, and critics simply can't find a bad thing to say about the new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. Even die-hard Subaru enthusiasts are impressed with the features of the latest edition. Here are a few of the features that are redefining the way you'll drive going forward. If you're considering a Subaru, you're probably on the lookout for an all-wheel drive system that's capable of taking you wherever you want to explore. The Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive found in the 2018 Crosstrek provides unprecedented stability and traction, so you'll feel even more secure as you travel through less than ideal road conditions. Even if you only plan to travel paved highways, having better stability and traction is vital. Consider all those times you've been caught in heavy rain and on slippery roads. Plus, better weight distribution means you'll enjoy superior fuel efficiency of up to an EPA-estimated 33 miles per gallon highway. As a compact crossover SUV, the…

Here's a Few Things You May Not Know About the 2018 Outback

The Subaru Outback is one of our most popular models here at Tacoma Subaru Tacoma Subaru. for a good reason. It's a well-balanced and feature-driven car. And now the newest model provides a few surprising features you might choose to explore at your next visit to
Unique Exterior Paint Colors While manufacturers pare down their exterior paint options, the 2018 Outback comes available in a wider range to appeal to your color preferences. Choose from options like Wilderness Green Metallic, Twilight Blue Metallic or Dark Blue Pearl. There's no reason your vehicle shouldn't represent your multifaceted personality. Integrated Entertainment System The 2018 Outback features a new multimedia system that integrates with your favorite tech devices. This includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and the Nuance voice recognition system. You won't have to learn a new system when you can simply rely on the power of your smartphone. Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive The 2018 Outback features Symme…