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Charity: To Give or Not to Give

It seems, at every turn, that someone is asking for money.  From change jars on counters to phone calls at dinner, everybody wants their piece.  With the start of the school year just around the corner, I am not looking forward to the cookie dough, wrapping paper, magazine, and coupon book catalogs that will soon litter the break room counters.  Anyone with a child knows how traumatic this can be.  You promise you will not do it for them, and then you realize how bad they want to earn that ducky coin purse, and off you go, hocking their wears so the PTSA or boosters can get their piece of the pie.  The problem is they really need that money!

All of the organizations do. From programs for at-risk youth to Cancer research.  So what do you do?  Do you give until it hurts, or do you just ignore it?  You want to give, but you can't give to every organization. 

Here are some points to ponder.  First, quite literally every penny helps.  It was this premis that started the March of Dimes

Subaru BRZ 2012 Motor Trend Best Driver's Car

2012 Motor Trend Best Driver's Car The Right (And Left) Stuff: Nine of the World’s Greatest Performance Cars Battle for Supremacy Available at Tacoma Subaru and Eastside Subaru

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2013 Subaru BRZ Buyer's Guide MSRP: $25,495 - $27,495 MPG Range: 30 - 30 mpg Body Style: Coupe

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4th Place: Subaru BRZ
The little engine that almost did Let's get the obvious bits out of the way. Compared with the other eight contenders, the 200-hp Subaru BRZ is woefully underpowered. As Lago pointed out several times in our BDC planning meetings, the BRZ shouldn't even be in our epic nine-car drag race. Going uphill from turn 5 to 6 felt like being on a roller coaster: You're just waiting to get to the top. The brakes, while better on the track than those …

Back to School - Maintenance Time

It is Back to School season, and that means everybody is going to be just a bit busier.  With the lazy days of summer....if you call driving kids to summer camp, play dates, vacations, road trips to the beach and grandma's lazy.....coming to an end, and back to school is just around the corner, it is easy to forget your constant companion;  your car.  After all, it has started almost every time you have needed, and been there to get the kids to the beach, and your teenager has driven all over the county to every lake and BBQ without a hitch, why should you give it any thought now?

Well, now is more critical than ever.  With the hot weather, road trips, sand, and probably more than a few over loaded trips to the fun in the sun, it needs a pick me up too.  That is, if you want it to continue to be that reliable variable in your often crazy schedule.

Whether it is just about getting the kids to scouts and piano lesson, or your teen off to college, the maintenance on your car is one o…

Eat at Moctezumas Tacoma on Aug 14, Tuesday

If you are in the Tacoma area, like Mexican Food, and want to help a charity.....Stop by Moctezumas on 56th ST in Tacoma between 5-9 pm tonight for a wonderful meal, and the chance to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The owners of Moctezumas have graciously offered to donate 20% (less Alcohol) of your meal to the Hope Instillers.  The generousity is astounding!  The only thing you have to do to help out, is eat!  They do ask that you bring a long a copy of the flyer to indicate that that is why you are there.  The Hope Instillers will be on hand with some extra copies, so please don't let your inability to print stop you from joining us for dinner. 

In addition, there will be some fun raffles. 

read more about the Hope Instillers below:

The Hope Instillers are a group of Bruce Titus Automotive Group employees that are committed to this cause. This is personal. Spearheaded by Renee Willis, the Hope Instillers have been a driving force each year in the campaign to raise fun…

Hope Instillers

The Hope Instillers is a group of Bruce Titus Automotive Group Employees committed to finding a cure for Blood Cancers.  They are a registered team with the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This year's walk is scheduled for September 22. 

This mission is personal. 

Since the team's inception they have been among the top 5 earners at the event, and last year they were number 2.  This year, they want to be NUMBER 1!  How can you help?  It is really quite easy.  You can stop by any Bruce Titus location:  Tacoma Subaru, Eastside Subaru, Port Orchard Ford, Olympia Chrysler Jeep, Olympia Mitsubishi, Olympia Nissan or the Corporate Offices and drop some change or dollars in the can.  You can buy a Balloon and let everyone know you helped, or honor someone that has been lost to cancer or is fighting now. 

You can visit the Hope Instillers this weekend at the Steilacoom Community Yard Sale.

You can go to their fundraising link and donate directly: http://…

Summer Time Cycling Time

Summer Time Cycling Time
Summer is under full swing, and back to school is just around the corner.  It is time to get out there and enjoy the dog days of summer with a bike ride.  Whether you just want to ride around the block or engage in a road trip, cycling is one of the best activities out there.

Just about everyone has ridden a bicycle at some point time in our life.  For some, it was a freeing experience.  The training wheels come off, your pedaling, you're free!  For others, it was a less than pleasant experience that may have resulted in them never trying it again.  If that is the case, I suggest you try it again.  You too, can experience that freedom that comes with a good bike ride.

If you are new to cycling or just haven't done it for awhile.  Take it slow.  Get the feel for the bike, ride around your neighborhood, get your bearings.  If it's been awhile, don't worry, your body will remember. 

The best part of cycling is the versatility.  This is an acti…