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Dealership Maint Schedule - A Must or A Bluff

Today's topic is regarding vehicle maintenance schedules.  There is a lot to talk about, but I will attempt to break it down for clarity. 
You will find a lot of information, especially on the web, but is it all valid?  The web is a great place to shout your opinion, and outside of politics, vehicle maintenance, is loaded with opinion and conflicting information.  So what's the deal.

Here is the deal:  There is no one singular answer, but overall the maintenance of your vehicle is important and will save you money over the life of your car.  How?  Fewer major mechanical issues, less stress from unreiable transportation, safety, and fuel efficiency. 

 I have said it before and I will say it again.  The most common misconception about new generation cars is that they require little maintenance.  Keep oil in it and it will run 200,000 miles.  It is statistically proven that car ownership costs about $100 a month above and beyond your payment and fuel.  The pro…

Car Battery: A critical system


All of the systems in your car are symbiotic, together they make up the whole, and in a perfect symphony keep your vehicle moving forward and stopping safely.  However, while your car will run with no brakes, it will even run for awhile without any fluids, it is dead in the water without the battery.  This one single item, can shut the whole process down.

Just about everyone has had the unfortunate experience of having a dead battery.  Most often this only occurs when you are in a hurry, have hungry and tired kids in the car, or you are in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception. 

First:  What is the Battery?

A car battery is type of rechargeable batter the supplies energy (electricity) to your vehicle.  The battery ignites the starter motor, the lights, and the ignitions system of your vehicle.

Most car batteries are usually lead-acid type, and are made of six galvanic cells in series to provide a 12 volt system.  Each cell provides 2.1 volts for a total of 12.6 v…