Lease or Buy? Here's Your Answer.

You know you want to drive a Subaru—the only question is how? Leasing and buying are both great ways to drive off in a brand-new car, and each come with different benefits.
Here are a few quick guidelines to use when deciding which option is best for you:
If you want to pay less each month and leave your options open—lease
Leasing generally means lower monthly payments. It makes driving the Subaru of your dreams more affordable. Depending on the model or lease, you may need to follow certain guidelines such as mileage restrictions. However, in most cases, all repair and maintenance is covered under a warranty.
At the end of your lease, you'll have the choice to either renew your lease, purchase the car, or lease a new vehicle.
If you want to go the distance and make it yours—buy
When you buy a car, it's yours for the long haul. You can decide how many miles to put on it, how often you want to take it in for service, and which accessories you want to add.
Whether you're looking to lease or buy, Tacoma Subaru can get you behind the wheel of your favorite model in record time. Contact us for more details.


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