8 Ways the 2017 Nissan Altima Beats the 2017 Toyota Camry

Wow your passengers and start having fun driving during your daily commute with the Nissan Altima.  The 2017 Nissan Altima in Olympia, WA does just that and beats close competitors like the 2017 Toyota Camry. 

Today Olympia Nissan looks forward to showing off how the Nissan Altima features make the Camry’s fall short:

  1. The Altima gets better MPG than the Camry. The 2.5 4 cylinder Altima gets 26 city/37 highway compared to the Camry’s 24 city/33 highway. *
  2. The Altima offers a larger fuel tank for a longer range between fill-ups.
  3. A standard continuously variable transmission comes in the Altima which increases fuel efficiency, keeps the engine at peak horsepower for maximum acceleration and offers no steps between gears.  The Camry goes not offer a CVT.
  4. Stop shorter in the Altima from 60-0 MPH in 123 feet compared to the Camry’s 127 feet.
  5. The front grille of the Altima 2.5 uses electronically controlled shutters to close off airflow and reduce drag when less engine cooling is needed therefore improving fuel economy.  The Camry does not offer active grille shutters.
  6. Enjoy 3.4 inches more front legroom in the Altima over the Camry.
  7. Choose the sedan and get the choice to add a remote vehicle starting system. This allows you to start the vehicle from inside to start heating or cooling your Altima depending on the season. The Camry does not offer a remote vehicle starting system.
  8. Speed-sensitive windshield wipers in the Altima speeds up and slows down when the vehicle does. The Camry’s manually intermittent wipers must be constantly adjusted.

Interested in taking the 2017 Nissan Altima in Olympia, WA for a test drive?  Take a trip to Olympia Nissan today and see the Nissan Altima in action! We think you’ll find even more to love about it after you take it for a spin around town and see how it beats the Camry in Olympia.

*Based on 2017 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only.


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